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Entrepreneur | Speaker | Pageant Coach
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Gratitude ~ Reflection ~ Optimistic Affirmations ~Wellness Lifestyle ~ Think of others

About Me

Whether it be in nursing, pageantry, or public speaking, I have one common goal: To teach and inspire others on ways they can live their most fulfilling life through self-care and holistic health strategies.

I summarize my success in one word: GROWTh (Gratitude, Reflection, Optimistic affirmations, Wellness lifestyle, and Think of others). The perfect word to embody the transformation that I went through to discover my true purpose and passion in life. It is also the acronym I have identified and defined as my daily self-care habits that brought me from insecure teen to pageant queen! 

From being an unmotivated teenager who didn't know what her purpose was in life, to winning Miss Canada 2018, I know I can inspire change in others to prioritize self-care as an essential asset to living their most fulfilling day, and an abundant life.


How I Can

Help You

GRowth KEynote

In this speaking presentation you'll learn about the personal struggles, lessons, and successes I have had throughout my journey towards personal growth, self-discovery and self love. I share in depth about how my GROWTh self care acronym came to be. You will learn the relevance of each practice and the rationale about each step and how to perform the practices daily. Want to know who else GROWTh has helped prioritize self care as a daily practice? Click on the 'Inspired Audiences' tab to find out!

Growth Workshop

In this 1 hour workshop participants will identify their positive and negative daily habits, learn how self-care can improve their mood and their day, reflect and determine what their own 'dream life' would look like, and learn the mindset and strategies to help that dream become a reality. Through contrast exercises, large and small group activities, and personal reflection time, participants will remain active and engaged for the duration of the workshop. Click on the 'Inspired Audiences' tab to find out who else has benefited from GROWTH in their life!

Pageant Coaching

After years of competitions, dedication,  and learning lessons, I am ready to utilize my steps to success, knowledge, and personal experiences to help other young women achieve their pageant goals. Together we will create a personalized coaching system that we will use to get you into the mindset of a pageant winner. My pageant knowledge, experience, and personalized set of tools will equip you with the necessary lessons and skills to take you from a novice contestant to an expert queen! Send me an email for your FREE consultation!

Maria's Blog


My Pageant Journey


After competing at the local, national, and international pageant levels for over three years, I have truly seen how pageants can help develop women in their personal and professional lives. 


Pageants have given me a platform to raise over $10,000.00 for children's charities, host over a dozen events for my community, and to meet thousands of people all over the world. I have presented keynote speeches to audiences of over 1000 individuals, traveled across the globe, and am now the first female vice-president of a local community non-profit organization.

It is with these accomplishments that I am able to teach young men and women how to improve their confidence and self-esteem so that they can value themselves and their lives. I am blessed to be able to share my message with others through pageantry, and I am grateful for the people who have supported me every step of the way. Rest assured though, this is only the beginning!