Maria Giorlando

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Pageant Coach
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What started out as a hobby in June of 2016 has turned into a three-year full-blown passion and  career.  After years of competitions, dedication,  and learning lessons, I am ready to utilize my steps to success, knowledge, and personal experiences to help other young women achieve their pageant goals. Some of these successes include:

  • Miss Canada 2018 winner

  • Miss Tecumseh 2016 winner

  • Miss Continents 2018 2nd runner-up

  • Miss Interview Award at Miss Tecumseh 2016

  • Miss Photogenic Award at Miss Tecumseh 2016

  • Miss Via Italia 2016 2nd runner-up

  • Miss Via Italia 2016 Miss Congeniality award

Whether it be in a walking and confidence workshop, in a group of contestants competing for Miss Tecumseh or Miss Canada, or in a one-on-one pageant coaching session, I am determined to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to get into a winner's mindset and achieve your pageant goals!

Pageant Coaching services

Together we will create a personalized coaching system that we will use to get you into the mindset of a pageant winner. My pageant knowledge, experience, and personalized set of tools will equip you with the necessary lessons and skills to take you from a novice contestant to an expert queen! You will receive:
  • Access to pageant-related articles and videos to help you develop a winners mindset

  • Brand creation and identification of your 'why'

  • Biography creation for pageant portfolio

  • Confidence and self-esteem coaching using GROWTh and goal setting strategies

  • Evening gown walk coaching and access to my evening gown tips and tricks document

  • Fashion wear walk coaching and access to my fashion wear tips and tricks document

  • Fundraising ideas and assistance with planning and hosting fundraisers

  • Hair styling and makeup application tips and tricks

  • Interview coaching and access to my interview tips and tricks document

  • Knowledge and experience on how to stand out during competition and on stage

  • Online or in-person coaching sessions

  • On stage posing and posture coaching

  • Photo shoot and modelling coaching

  • Public speaking and personal presentation knowledge and guidance

  • Sponsor letter creation and assistance with obtaining sponsors

  • Swimsuit walk coaching and access to my swimwear tips and tricks document

  • Wardrobe and accessory selection for the competition


Christine Jamieson

Miss Canada 2019,

"In March 2019 I had the opportunity to meet and work with Maria during the Miss Canada Pageant. Through her coaching and tips I was able to gain the confidence I needed to win the title of Miss Canada 2019. Her lovely personality makes her easy to work with. Thank you Maria!"

suzie sawicki 

Miss Tecumseh 2018

"Maria guided and shaped me as I began my journey into pageantry. She encouraged me to find my purpose, goals, passion and drive to pursue my dream of becoming Miss Tecumseh 2018. She made sure I was well prepared for each area of competition, most notably interview. As a past titleholder herself, Maria knows how crucial this portion of the competition is and she made sure I was composed for anything and everything I could be asked about during personal interview and on stage question. She took time to help fine tune the small details to help perfect my walk, on stage presence, poise, and branding. Maria aided me to visualize my goal and guided me to become the best version of myself. She motivated me to believe in my goal and I went on to win the title of Miss Tecumseh 2018! It is rare to find coaching from someone that has competed and was successful at the biggest pageant in Canada! Thank you Maria for believing in me and helping me become the best person I can be! Whether it be a local, national, or international pageants, Maria has the expertise and knowledge of how to prepare you to SUCCEED. This is just the beginning of my journey and I plan to continue working with you to reach new goals."

Kristi koutros

Miss Tecumseh 2019 Contestant

"I did everything to the best of my abilities while working with Maria for the Miss Tecumseh 2019 pageant. Maria showed me how to walk in heels gracefully and how to put some pep in my step for the fashion-wear. She also encouraged me to choose three words to help with my style and how others perceive me. This helped me choose all of the outfits that would show off my personality for the Miss Tecumseh Pageant. My pageant head shot went very well. I had never been in front of a professional camera, and Maria made sure to let me tag along with some of her photo shoots so that I would be more comfortable and confident in myself. I found the interview portion to the be trickiest. I was really nervous to speak in front of a panel of judges. My body would shake, my voice would crack, and I would forget what I was saying. Maria taught me to keep my answers short and simple, and to always add in a personal example to finish off my answers. Through this being my first pageant experience I learned so much about myself and the opportunities pageant can bring to young women!"

kailey JAckson

Miss Galaxy Windsor 2019 and Top 5 at Miss Galaxy Canada 2019

"Being coached by Maria to prepare for the 2019 Miss Galaxy Canada pageant was truly an experience I will never forget. The Miss Galaxy Canada pageant was the fifth pageant I competed in, and before that I had only received the title of Miss Congeniality in 2016. I would have never placed top 5 without Maria's help. Maria helped me with everything! The most tricky thing for me was walking and posing on stage, which Maria was able to help me with through in-person coaching sessions and by practicing in photo shoots as well. She is confident, trustworthy, hard-working, and VERY reliable. Thank you so much Maria, you have taught me an abundance of skills that I will keep for forever!"

Amanda Kirkpatrick

Miss Galaxy Canada 2019 first runner-up and 'Best In Interview' Award Winner

“I can honestly say, I will never compete again without Maria’s coaching. The first time I worked with Maria was sheer luck, and I will be forever grateful! I entered a contest she was holding for a chance to win an interview coaching session and I was surprised I had won! It was perfect timing as I was only a month away from competing for a National title and I have always felt that a struggled the most with my interviews. After a two day coaching season with Maria felt confident and ready to tackle my interview. Much to my surprise, during crowning night I won the “Best in Interview” Award, and placed as the first runner-up! I will never be able to thank Maria enough for all of her help!”