A GROWTh Mindset IS a Winner's Mindset

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

How can you win even when you lose?

Until this day, I can't quite articulate why I spent months of preparation, thousands of dollars, and countless hours preparing for a pageant that I did not want to win. I was about to represent Canada in my first international pageant, yet deep down I couldn't ignore the fact that winning the title of Miss Continents 2018 was not my main priority. The best way I can explain this is because the process of improving myself through this new level of personal growth and development was even more satisfying and beneficial to my ego and to my goals than winning the actual title.

Second Runner-Up at Miss Continents 2018 along with First Runner-up Gemma White from Australia

I had just won the title of Miss Canada 2018 a few months prior to competing for the title of Miss Continents 2018. I was just starting to grow myself with this title, and subconsciously I knew

that if I earned an international pageant title that I would have to balance the duties of both titles. I also speculated that my Miss Canada title would probably be put on the back burner to honour and represent myself as an international titleholder, which was not something I was ready to do.

Sometimes, so much emphasis is put on winning or achieving one main goal that we don't see the 'losing' side as a beneficial option. A lot of the time we are actually so upset with being a runner-up, or falling short of the 'big goal', that we are disappointed in ourselves, we aren't able to enjoy the experience, and we end up giving up on accomplishing the bigger goal altogether. Wouldn't life be so much more enjoyable if we saw our personal growth through each experience as a win?

"I've grown most not from victories, but setbacks. If winning is God's reward, then losing is how he teaches us" Serena Williams

It's so easy to look at our shortcomings and to doubt our intelligence, our talent, and our value. But what if we changed the story? Flipped the narrative? Switched the meaning of 'losing' to something more positive that reflects the transformation we would have had to go through to get to that point? I've competed in competitions where my goal was to win, and I've competed in competitions where my goals were to make friends, improve on my interview skills, and to find more volunteer opportunities. Honestly, I can say I enjoyed each experience equally. My mind had to find all of the beautiful realities that would come my way when I decided that winning wasn't my main and only goal.

Next time you're preparing for an upcoming competition, or even if you're working hard each day to achieve a goal, think about the small victories you would have achieved along the way. Let your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health be the trophy that you carry as your energy throughout each day as you embark on your next journey. Celebrating your wins AND your shortcomings as equal successes to your personal growth and development in life is what the GROWTh lifestyle is all about.

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