Get Your CRAFT Together: How To Craft Your Ideal Life!

A collaboration Post with Nathalie Begin, Creator of the 'GutsyFeeling' Blog

Hello hello,

I am so excited to be working on this collab with Maria today on how to get your CRAFT together. Today, we will both we writing a post speaking to how we keep our lives together and how we are going after our dreams and crafting our IDEAL lives for ourselves!

But, before I hop into my tips I want to share a little introduction about myself. I am a 22 year old Canadian content creator, entrepreneur and architecture student. I am the founder and creator of the Gutsy Feeling blog. A health and lifestyle blog that is used to help warriors go after their best life and THRIVE despite the challenges they may be facing. The inspiration for my blog came from living with Crohn’s disease for over 10 years. That is why last summer I decided to start the Gutsy Feeling blog about my journey and experiences with a chronic illness. I share daily advice on all things health, lifestyle, self love, motivation and environmentalism. I am also currently in my final year of school completing my Master's of Architecture. The goal is to pursue my passion for architecture while keeping up with my growing blog. My main mission is to continue to inspire my fellow warriors daily through my various platforms.

BUT, enough about me, lets get into the good stuff shall we.


Before you can start thinking of crafting your ideal life you have to first get some ground work started. This means getting quiet and reflecting on what your life is like NOW and what you WANT out of life in the future. In order to do this, I suggest you go old school and put pen to paper and write. I have compiled a lengthy list of some journal prompts that may be of use to you. Don't just think these answers, WRITE IT DOWN, brain dump it all out so that you can read them back, learn, and grow.

Grab your journal, and a hot beverage and LETS GO!


How do I feel right now about life?

Is this how I want to feel?⁠

Why do you think you feel this way right now?

What is my morning routine like?

What is my night routine like?

What are some activities that need to get done everyday? (my non-negotiables)

Are my routines helping me or hindering me? How? (get deep here)

Am I still doing activities/hobbies that bring me joy? ⁠⠀

Am I prioritizing self care and self love everyday? If no, how can I bring this into your routine in small actionable ways?

How much time do I REALLY spend on social media everyday?

is this a problem? is there a purpose to this? (ex: job)

How can I modify my routines or activities to promote the feelings I want in life?

What do I need to spend MORE time doing?⁠⠀

What do I need to spend LESS time doing? ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀⁠⠀


What is my diet like?

do you cook daily or eat out?

do you prioritize a well rounded diet?

Do I exercise?

how often?

is this a priority for me?

what is my sleep schedule like?

do you like to get up early or go to bed late?

are you getting enough sleep? (be honest)


What are my biggest wins in life?

How did I feel in the moment of these accomplishments? (Really describe the feeling. Where were you? ⁠Who were you with?)

What were my biggest loses in life?

Why did I lose/fail?

Why was this project/victory so important to me?

What did I learn from these loses? (Remember failure is not a failure if you learn from it)

Do I still want to go after this goal/thing, or has my priorities/perspective changed on this?⁠

What are some of the limiting beliefs holding me back? (ex: money, beliefs from your childhood, etc.)⁠⠀

What are my current goals?

How are my goals progressing? ⁠

Have any of my goals changed?

Are these goals serving my greater passion/mission?⁠ (if you don't know your greater mission, think deep on this too)⠀

If not, how can I modify these goals?⁠⠀

How have I been tackling goals in the past?

Was there any reflection or check-ins in the process?

Did you write them down daily or revisit them on the daily?

What was the biggest issue with the way you tackled goals?

phew... that's done! Now that reflection is over we can move on to craft that ideal life!


Reflection is critical to move forward and without it you will not be able to grow!


Now that reflection is over and done, we can learn from these ideas and start to work on goal setting for our ideal life. When it comes to achieving your goals I want to share with you my formula for success in the next few steps.

List your TOP 25 GOALS

Yes, I know that is A LOT of goals. But, it does not matter, take some time and write them all down in front of you.

Circle 5 and cross out the rest

There is a way to cheat here, you can pick 5 business goals and 5 personal development goals! But, 10 is the absolute maximum here!

Don't stop here. Take these 5/10 goals and move on to the next 3 steps. This is where the magic happens.


Now, that we have our goals in mind. It is important to see how we are going to make those goals happen. This is going to require a pen, some paper and a little creativity! You are going to be designing and creating your ideal self. Therefore, designing a persona of the next-level version of yourself that you want to embody to craft your ideal life.

PICK A NAME: Maybe your persona is called the BADASS QUEEN or the FIERCE WARRIOR. Whatever it may be pick out a name that resonates with you and gets you FIRED UP!

DESIGN THEIR LIFE: Think about the life that you wish to lead in order to achieve success and craft an incredible fulfilling life. Answer the following questions to get clear.

What is this personas beliefs?

What are their rituals?

What does their ideal day look like?

What kind of routines do they have?

What actions are they taking on a daily basis? What do they avoid?