What I Eat in a Day

My Healthy, Balanced, Vegetarian, Working Out, Pageant Training Meal Go-To's

Breakfast: Oatmeal, blueberries, avocado, egg whites, tomato slices

I truly do believe it is possible to stick to an eating plan, track your calories/macros, eat for your body type to see results, AND to enjoy the food you are eating. I have done a lot of food experimenting to see what foods nourish my body the best way possible whether I am training for a pageant competition or taking a day off. I do work with a coach who has been essential in guiding my food choices. Overall, I do my best to stay away from processed foods and foods that are high in trans-fat, sugar, and sodium. I also make sure that the majority of my meals come from my fridge and not from my pantry. Here are some examples of the meals I eat:

Lunch: Shrimp, avocado bread, salad, veggies

Breakfast: The time of day I eat my first meal varies depending on if I work, workout, or if I am doing intermittent fasting. Breakfast typically looks like a 1/2 cup egg whites as my protein, 1/4 cup oats as my carbs, avocado as my healthy fats, and fruits and veggies on the side. It helps me to break down my meals into macros to see how my body is being nourished. With this meal I am usually full and satisfied all morning.

Lunch: My biggest meal of the day! I find that having a big meal in the middle of the day helps to kick my snack cravings. My protein normally comes from a fish (Yes I choose to eat fish as a vegetarian, call me a pescetarian if you need to) or a soy based protein. My carbs come from either quinoa, brown bread, or sweet potatoes. Lastly I always pack my lunch with a ton of vegetables on the side or a large salad.

Dinner: Gardein meatless chick'n tenders, mushrooms, cucumber, tomato slices

Dinner: My smallest meal of the day. I don't like to eat right before bed and I try to have a meal that will just fill me up but not be bloated throughout the night. For dinner I usually opt out of having my complex carbs like bread and potatoes since they take longer to digest. Instead I have a variety of vegetables along with a side of protein. I usually do my workout in the morning which is why my last meal of the day is light. It may seem like I eat a lot of vegetables and that's probably because I eat a lot of vegetables. I love to season my veggies to give them flavour. Some seasonings I use include onion, pepper, lemon, hot sauce, and vinegar. It's easy to eat healthy and stay on track when you're enjoying the foods you are eating. You DO NOT have to eat bland meals to achieve your goals or to see results!

Snack: Rice cakes and smooth peanut butter

Snack: Depending on my energy level, workout of the day, and general satiety level I have 1-2 snacks a day. My go-to snacks include rice cakes with either peanut butter or jelly, a handful of almonds, or fruit. When I am training for a pageant I have the unsalted rice cakes, but on off-season I love the white cheddar and caramel flavoured rice cakes. It's really easy to avoid snacks like sweets, chocolates, and chips when I have a healthy snack alternatives as options.

Drinks: On a daily basis I will solely drink lots of lemon water, black coffee, and tea. I don't add any sugar, milk or cream in my coffee or tea and I RARELY drink juice or pop. It did take me a little while to slowly transition out of having sugary drinks but trust me it does get easier and better!

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about what I eat in a day. Of course I have days where I love to go out to eat or eat outside of my meal plan. Healthy eating is a lifestyle and if you are consistent with your patterns then one day of eating cheat meals will not destroy your body or progress you have made. This is not a 'How-To' post by any means, but overall try to cook your meals at home, eat more from your fridge, opt for water as your drink of choice, eat mostly vegetables and fruits during meals, and enjoy the foods you eat!

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