What NOT To Do After A Pageant

3 Tips of Things NOT To Do After a Pageant

Miss Canada/Miss Teen Canada 2019 pageant

Some things may seem like common sense, but when your nerves, emotions, and disappointment get the best of you it is easy to make choices that you may regret at a later time. It's also important to consider the perspective of those who do not compete in pageants. While your decisions and actions may seem reasonable to you, the optics of it may not be favorable in the eyes of others. In my experience of competing, winning, judging, and assisting with directing, here are 3 tips of things NOT to do after a pageant:

1. Immediately pack up your belongings and leave. This may be the only opportunity you have to take pictures with the other contestants, your friends, and family members. Enjoy the moment and get photos of yourself in your gown with your hair and makeup done. If you absolutely can’t contain your emotions, then go to a different area to be with your family and friends that came to watch and support you. They came to see you perform on stage and it is appropriate to at least thank them before packing and leaving.

2. Send an angry email to the director about how you should be the winner, that the pageant is rigged, or that the current winner does not deserve to win. This will only confirm that you are not the rightful titleholder and will most likely prevent you from being able to compete and win in that system in the future. Any error that may have occurred in the judging process is for the director to investigate, and if there was a discrepancy they will determine this and deal with it in the way they best see fit.

3. Post on social media saying “I didn’t win the crown” or something to this extent. This is a way of saying 'I lost' and puts emphasis on 'the crown' being the biggest award you can win in a pageant. After trying to spread a message about all of the additional benefits that pageants bring to young women, it is counterproductive to start your 'Thank You/Appreciation' post with this statement of loss. It is going to be assumed by others that if you are not taking a photo wearing the crown and sash that you most likely did not win.

Again, think about the way that others will perceive your actions and words and always put yourself in a position to be respected and to uphold your character and integrity. When you remove your emotions from the situation you remember that it is a victory in itself to even be on the stage competing for the title. Ultimately, the loss is one step closer to your growth and guiding you towards your destined path in life. Remember, any different day and any different set of judges and the outcomes may change. Sometimes we will not always understand the final results and scores, but it is with hope, grace, and integrity that you will learn and grow from the overall experience and find your next steps.

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