What To-Do After A Pageant

Win or lose, do these 3 things after your next pageant!

Miss Tecumseh 2017 pageant with Maria Giorlando (2016 Winner) and Melissa Montaleone (2017 Winner). Photo by EyesOnWindsor.

Nerves are high on the day of the pageant, which is completely understandable. You've worked hard, you've seen yourself improve, and you want to ensure the best version of yourself comes across to the judges. It is important to keep your energy and spirits high even after the pageant comes to an end. With that in mind, here are three things you should definitely do after a pageant to keep you in a good head space and to fully enjoy and learn from the experience:

1. Always prepare and pack an outfit to wear afterwards assuming you will WIN. Not only will this help align your mindset to be completely prepared to win, but you’ll already have an outfit picked out for the scenario! Better to be prepared with an outfit and not win, rather than be unprepared, win, and not have the perfect outfit to go with the occasion.

2. Ask your pageant director for your scores afterwards so you can see your own areas of improvement. If allowed, ask for their or the judges feedback and recommendations on your performance. I recommend to do this if you win or if you do not win your pageant. This may not be your last time competing and it is one of the best ways to learn from the experience.

3. Congratulate the other award winners at some point afterwards. Even if you hoped for a different outcome it is still classy, mature, and graceful to show kindness to others. If you are unable to do so right after crowning, send a message to the new titleholder afterwards. Just because your time wasn't this year, doesn't mean it can't be the next year. The titleholder will remember those messages of encouragement and will respect you for your support!

Three simple actions I recommend to EVERY pageant client I work with or any contestant I give advice to. If you're looking for additional coaching to help you win your next pageant, send me an email at conctact@mariagiorlando.com for your FREE consultation!

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