Pageant Coaching

After competing at the local, national, and international pageant levels for over four years, I have truly seen how pageants can help develop women in their personal and professional lives. I utilize my steps to success, knowledge, and personal experiences to help other young women achieve their personal and pageant goals. Together we will create a personalized coaching system that we will use to get you into the mindset of a pageant winner. My pageant knowledge, experience, and personalized set of tools will equip you with the necessary lessons and skills to take you from a novice contestant to an expert queen! 


Some of my own successes include:


Miss Canada 2018 winner

Miss Tecumseh 2016 winner

Miss World Canada 2020 Top 15

Miss Social Media at Miss World Canada 2020

Miss Face of Beauty International 2019 Top 15

Miss Continents 2018 2nd runner-up

Miss Interview Award at Miss Tecumseh 2016

Miss Photogenic Award at Miss Tecumseh 2016

Miss Via Italia 2016 2nd runner-up

Miss Via Italia 2016 Miss Congeniality award


Take a look at the packages and services available along with my client testimonials. Send me an email to book your 30 minute complimentary consultation. 


If the program fits...


  • Eight 1-hour coaching sessions 

  • 30 minutes post-pageant debrief

  • Focus of sessions includes preparation of any and all phases of competition, including interview preparation, evening gown, swimsuit, and/or fashion wear walks,  and on-stage Q&A

  • Direct email contact with coach 

  • Assistance with personal brand/platform creation

  • Styling and wardrobe selection

  • Fundraising and sponsorship tips

  • Confidence and self-esteem coaching

  • Public speaking coaching

  • Knowledge and experience on how to win a pageant and to stand out from other contestants

  • Articles and videos related to your specific pageant and growth needs

  • Assistance with creation of personal biography

  • Assistance with posing, modelling, head shot selection



   Interview or Walks based:

  • Four 1-hour coaching sessions

  • 30 minute post-pageant debrief 

  • Direct email contact with coach

  • Fundraising and sponsorship tips

  • Knowledge and experience on how to win a pageant and to stand out from other contestants

  • Articles and videos related to your specific pageant and growth needs


  • Focus of sessions includes interview prep, on-stage Q&A prep and assistance with personal brand or platform creation

  • Interview outfit selection

  • Public speaking coaching

  • Focus of sessions includes evening gown, swimsuit, and/or fashion-wear walk prep

  • Assistance with competition outfit selection

  • Stretching, strengthening, and stability exercises to improve walking in heels




"Through Maria's coaching, I learned so much more about myself, which allowed me to preform at Miss Canada. For instance, I learned how to concisely and effectively present myself and my answers in interviews using buzz words and a simple 3-step format. 

It was initially hard to talk about myself as this was a whole new world that I never experienced but Maria pushed me out of my comfort zone, showed me that I am capable of this. Additionally, during the pageant, she was a cheerleader, encouraging me every day. 

I truly recommend Maria to anyone and everyone, not only for pageantry but if they are lost and need guidance in living their best life. Maria will challenge you but also encourage you to see what you are truly made of and how powerful you are. She will put 100% effort into making sure you reach your goal, whatever that might be. Thank you Maria for absolutely everything, I’m confidence, motivated, determined, accomplished and happy and I would have not known that if it weren’t for your guidance. "

Jasmin Chahal

Miss Canada 2020 First Runner-up

Confidence Coaching

Do you feel like you could be more confident in yourself and in your purpose? Does it feel like each day blends into the next, and that you aren’t in control of your surroundings? And are looking to cultivate more happiness and joy in your life? I am here to help you! Not only was I using self-care techniques and daily reflection as a means of change, but I had a mentor at the time guiding me along the way. With her teachings and my ambition to learn, I was able to turn my life around from being an unmotivated teenager to a national Canadian pageant queen. 


​It is with these accomplishments that I am able to teach women how to improve their confidence and self-esteem so that they can value themselves and their lives. Through self-reflection exercises and practices, identifying positive and negative habits,  goal-setting techniques, and discovering your innate passion and purpose in life I am able to help you unlock your undeniable potential so you can experience the life you were always meant to live. It’s time for you to wake up, align with your authentic identity and purpose, and Live Life Alive!


  • 8 one-hour online private coaching sessions

  • Direct e-mail access to coach throughout the coaching process

  • Dozens of self-reflection activities and practices specific to your learning needs and goals

  • Confidence and self-esteem building coaching and exercises

  • Identification of your positive and negative daily habits

  • Strategies to eliminate your negative habits, self-talk, and limiting beliefs

  • Creation of your own personalized daily self-care routine

  • Knowledge and experience on how to let go of your past experiences and to embrace the potential of the future

  • Access to articles and videos related to your specific personal growth and development needs



With this program about self confidence, I learned a lot of things about myself but also basic principles about life that I didn't realize before or that I didn't want to realize. I learned how to become the leader of my life, how to respect myself and how to create my own happiness.


The challenge was to overcome my fears and to break my preconceived thoughts about different subjects. Maria is able to find our weaknesses and to make them our strengths, but I had to give her all my confidence in order to let her guide me in this experience.


When I think about this program and all the process that I went through, I think about the song Show Yourself in Frozen 2. Because I started this program thinking that I was going to learn about how to love myself more, but then I discovered who I really am and how to develop my potential. Overall, I am really grateful towards myself for doing this program, and I am grateful towards Maria for being like a big sister to me and a real supportive friend.

Marie Zoe Lapierre


Speaking & Workshops

In my speaking presentation you'll learn about the personal struggles, lessons, and successes I have had throughout my journey towards personal growth, self-discovery and self love. I share in depth about how my own self care routine came to be. You will learn the relevance of each practice and the rationale about each step and how to perform the practices daily. Want to know who else has been impacted and taught how to prioritize self care as a daily practice? Email me today!


In my 1-hour workshop participants will identify their positive and negative daily habits, learn how self-care can improve their mood and their day, reflect and determine what their own 'dream life' would look like, and learn the mindset and strategies to help that dream become a reality. Through contrast exercises, large and small group activities, and personal reflection time, participants will remain active and engaged for the duration of the workshop. 

  • Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan & Northern Wyoming Optimist District Convention

  • Canadian Association of Professional Speakers National Convention

  • Essex Optimist Club

  • FJ Brennan High School Women's Specialist High Skills Major Group

  • Forest Glade Junior Optimist International Club

  • Forest Glade Optimist Club

  • L. A. Desmarais Elementary School

  • LacBrome Optimist Club

  • Lakeshore Elementary School Girl's Group

  • L'essor High School

  • Milestone Studios Confidence Workshop 

  • Miss Canada 2019 Pageant Contestants

  • Miss Tecumseh 2017 Pageant Contestants

  • Miss Tecumseh 2017 Pageant Host

  • Miss Tecumseh 2018 Sponsorship giveaway 

  • Optimist International 2018 Convention

  • Queen's Daughter Cause Fundraiser

  • Ridgetown Optimist Club 

  • Small Consistent Actions Podcast with Sam Demma

  • South Western Ontario Optimist District Convention

  • St. Pius Elementary School

  • St. Rose Elementary School Class Valedictorian 

  • Tecumseh Vista Secondary School

  • Vision Board Workshop with Tina Brigley

  • Wallacetown County Fair 

  • Women of Influence

  • Women with Drive Summit- 'Healing You' Panel Host

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